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Hummingbird Cannabis cultivates 100% of our own high-grade craft cannabis in Boulder, Colorado. Our team of expert growers employ sustainable growing techniques with small-batch outputs to bring out the best quality of each and every plant.


Below is a comprehensive list of our marijuana strains. 

This landrace strain is pure and true. It is resinous with notes of citrus, skunk, and diesel. Being an all-encompassing Indica, it best for evening consumption. It is a very happy and euphoric smoke and may make you crave all the snacks in the cupboard. Elevate your mood and free yourself from burdening thoughts. 

THC: 17-23% 

Breeder: Unknown - Landrace Strain 



INDICA - Landrace 

Alpha Blue WM.jpg


SATIVA- Blue Dream x NYC Diesel

Sister to the infamous Blue Dream. Our Alpha Blue placed 2nd at the High Times in 2011 in Denver. The aroma reminds you of a sour-apple candy combined with blueberry undertones. The pale green and lavender buds glisten with trichomes. This refreshing Sativa is perfect for a night on the town.  

THC:  21-28%


A new take on an old classic. Hummingbird Cannabis has paired one of their best crops, Chem's Sis, with a strong OG Kush male. This powerful combination highlights the funky, Chem undertones and makes for a calming, head high. Inspired by the American Gothic painting because they farmed this earthy strain to represent an American icon in cannabis form. 

THC: 25-29%


HYBRID- Chem Sis x Scotts OG 


This strain was a collaboration with and designed for the band Boombox. It has a full, intense medley of spices, citrus, and funky rocket fuel. Perfect for a night of music at home, or as a pre-toke before your concert of choice. 

THC: 21-27%


INDICA- Chuckles OG x Starfighter

Blue Dream WM.jpg

A great go-to strain! Smoke her day or night. It can induce bubbly sensations, happy-go-lucky thoughts, and cerebral pleasure. It tastes like a delicious slice of blueberry pie and looks like it was dusted with confectionary sugar. 

THC: 26-31%


HYBRID- Blueberry x Haze

Bridge Burn WM.jpg

For the smoker who likes the raunchy aromas, this strain is right up your alley. Grimy fuel, sour-lime, citrus, and vulgar skunk notes all in one. This is a great smoke to wind down from a busy day. Time starts slippin’ when you burn a joint of this.


THC: 31-41% 


INDICA- Flaming Cookies x Chuckles OG

Blueberry Headband WM.jpg

This alluring, sought-after strain greets you with prominent tart and fruity perfume. It burns smooth and delivers a sensation of mental clarity. She will motivate you to get to the tasks you have been putting off or send you on your next adventure. Blueberry Headband is a great wake and bake.

THC: 13-20%


HYBRID- 76’ Blueberry x OG Kush

x Cali Sour D 



INDICA- Pre 98’ Bubba Kush

x Grand Daddy Purps

Winner of the 2016 Colorado Cannabis Cup, this local favorite is an Indica known for its relaxing and sedative effects. The flavor and aroma give off is a mix of blueberries, grapes, and pine. Give it a try and it just might become your favorite too!

THC: 20-28%

Chem's-Sis-WM (1).jpg

Smoke this strain when you are looking for a clear minded, relaxed high to keep you focused and boost your creativity. Being sativa dominant, you can take this on any adventure to keep your mood upbeat. Honeyed sandalwood paired with gooey, lemon-pine tones can be tasted on your exhale, grounding you while being in nature.

THC: 23-27%


HYBRID- OG Kush x Sour Diesel 


HYBRID- OG Kush x Sour Diesel 

Cherry-Cake-WM (1).jpg

A new Hummingbird favorite! This amazing strain packs an outrageous flavor of cookies overloaded with dried cherries. The buds appear completely coated with large white trichome heads, giving them a glittery appearance. Paired with a functional and enjoyable high, this strain is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. Take this to your next event and show off this social smoke. 

THC: 20-28%


NDICA – Cherry AK x Cookies F2

Diagonal WM.jpg

This is a true Kush with a wild high and focused effects. She is great when needing to stay on task while still obtaining a buzzed state of mind. On your exhale, note the herbal and diesel notes contrasting with the sour yet spicy delight.

THC: 18-22%


 HYBRID- Triangle Kush x The White


This funky cross of GSC and Original Glue is sure to tantalize your taste buds. Reeking heavily of diesel fuel, these terpene-rich buds really pack a potent punch. This strong Indica will have you locked on a couch, so this one is recommended for true connoisseurs.

THC: 20-28%


INDICA- GSC x Original Glue

GTH #9 WM.jpg

This is a balanced hybrid, but should be known for its wavy, potent effects, and sometimes psychedelic properties. Averaging in the high 20’s-30’s percentiles for THC. Citrus and lime terpenes shine through, alongside an herbal haze. 

THC: 21-31%


Sativa Leaning HYBRID- Ghost OG

x Neville’s Wreck


Sativa Leaning HYBRID- Ghost OG

x Neville’s Wreck

Gelato Cake WM.jpg

his strain is the talk of the town. Take a drag of this slow creeper. It smells of cognac and grapes along with that classic, sweet fuel. Enjoy this strain while binge-watching your favorite show or enhance your listening pleasure to the latest release of your favorite band!

THC- 18-26%


INDICA- Gelato x Wedding Cake


INDICA- Gelato x Wedding Cake

Goat Head WM.jpg

This strain’s aroma spreads across a large palate between sweet, sour, spicy and tangy fruit. Spicy earth tones are released when grinding it down, but the taste of sour-gummy and citrus comes with the exhale. Going to a concert? Its invigorating high can keep you dancing the night away.

THC: 23-29%


SATIVA- Goat Head x Headband

Golden Goat WM.jpg

This strain has proven, time after time, to have one of the most complex terpene profiles. The unique flavors are comprised of a sugary cocktail, added notes of sour-tang candy, and undertones of pine. Be prepared for a speedy high that this sativa dominant strain provides. Relax your body and entice your imagination.

THC: 25-30%


Sativa HYBRID- Hawaiian Romulan x Island Sweet Skunk

Hells OG WM (1000x1000).jpg

Enjoy a lustful bowl of this in the evening while winding down. Treat inner desires to a mind-bending high that comes on fast. The fragrance of earthy, sour, and citrus musk delivers a high that can transport you beyond this reality. 

THC: 21-28%


HYBRID- OG Kush x Blackberry

Louie XIII WM.jpg

This royal thrill is sticky with lingering smells of earth and pungent pine. Toking on this strain is perfect for the witty and talented minds out there. Awaken your gifts while benefiting from its “kick your feet up like a King or Queen” feeling.

THC: 23-28%


HYBRID- OG Kush clone

OG Brulee WM (1).jpg

This strain is known for its insane flavor. It is packed with vanilla and nutty nuances with every toke. OG Brulee is an indica hybrid that has earthy tones mixed with sweet herbs. This is a perfect smoke for winding down. Waves of euphoria might flood the body, leaving you in a state of relaxation.


THC: 15-25% 


HYBRID - True OG x Lemon Brulee


This strain was created with a focus on flavor and effects. We took the blissful, euphoric influence of the Tangerine Haze along with its intense citrus terpene profile and added the soaring yet overwhelmingly strong potency of Starkiller OG. The result was a twisted fruit juice, with a lively and functional satisfying high.


THC: 19-25% 


HYBRID- Tangerine Haze x Starkiller OG 

Original Glue WM.jpg

The body buzz is impressive, but you are also gifted with euphoria. These could ease one’s troubles. Clear your head from negative thoughts, and allow yourself to get “glued” into the coziness of your couch.

THC: 22-32% 


 HYBRID- Sour Dubb x Chocolate Diesel x Chem’s Sis 

Skinny Pineapple WM (1).jpg


HYBRID- Pineapple Thai x American Gothic

Enjoy this summer Sativa hybrid! It is very functional high, so take it with you adventuring or let it guide your creative side. Sweet notes of zesty pineapple alongside a tart slice of cheesecake will roll along your palette. 

THC: 21-25%

This strain was provided by the Grow Off Contest. Hummingbird Brand came in 1st for the Quality Category! The colas are stout, and the calyxes are smothered with purple trichomes. During its last few weeks, before harvest, the fan leaves fade into a sexy, purple hue too. The aroma of Spritzer is like a fruit bowl when it’s being ground down and tastes like diesel and earthy terpenes on your exhale. This strain tested at Colorado's highest terpene levels ever! Enjoy this strain while you are hiking or need a little boost of energy! 

THC: 26%-29% 


HYBRID: Grape Pie x MAC 1 x Runtz 

Strawberry-Blonde-WM (1).jpg


HYBRID- Super Lemon Haze x Sour Strawberry 

A great energetic and refreshing sativa great for a day hiking, under the sun. The sharp citrus terpenes stimulate the senses and arouse the spirit. The subtle, strawberry sweetness balances out the haze accents. 

THC: 17-23%

Wedding-Cake-WM (1).jpg

This tasty strain is also known as Pink Cake or Birthday Cake. Underlying creaminess floods your palate on the inhale. As you exhale, there is a sour and tangy punch of sandalwood. A warm and pleasant fuzziness may spread over your body. Allow Wedding Cake’s mental and physical properties to lead your creative side, get you hyped to exercise, or arouse your inner promiscuous self. 

THC: 16-25% 


HYBRID- Cherry Pie x Girl Scout Cookies

Starfighter WM.jpg

This strain delivers a fierce punch, leaving you incredibly spacey. This high might last for hours depending on one’s tolerance. The high comes on strong taking you for an uplifting, cerebral flight, but finishes with a hard landing. A whiff of sultry lavender and earthy lemon tones resonate with an underlying, foreign funk.

THC: 31-36%


HYBRID: Alien Tahoe x Lemon Alien Dawg

This strain is a High Times Cannabis Cup favorite. It is full-flavored with sweet and tart, lemony aromas. It is a subtle high that swiftly glides to the mind. Let this enhance your mood and brush off sluggishness. Intense happiness and creativity can arise, so let it motivate your goals and success!

THC: 21-26%

Super Lemon Haze WM.jpg


HYBRID-  Lemon Skunk x Super Silver Haze 

A quirky cross of Animal Cookies and Original Glue. Zookies offers a flavor and high that hits a little different. A combination of almonds and diesel fuel, the aroma really sticks out as something novel and unexpected. The very mind mellowing high that it gives offers some welcome relief from the norm. Enjoy this strain while meditating or diving into your next yoga session. 

THC- 20% - 28% 



HYBRID- Animal Cookies x Original Glue