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Breaking  News : Winners of the Grow Off

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Potency Category

This is a unique contest because each company that enters receives a clone for the SAME UNKNOWN genetics to grow in their facility. The Grow-OFF then tests their cultivation skills by doing laboratory tests at end of the cure for that plant about 6 months later.  Instead of being judged subjectively by enthusiasts (like High Times), winners are determined by third-party lab results. Awards are based on the highest cannabinoids, terpenes, and quality. 

The Grow Off waits to reveal the strain's genetics at the end of the competition. 

We now know that all this time we were cultivating Spritzer! The mom was Runtz. The father was Grape Pie Mac Daddy. 

Potency came in at 29.51%.


This was an unreleased strain and only people who entered the contest have these genetics. Hummingbird Brand has already taken clones and is cultivating this strain in-house.  Our new Spritzer strain will hit the shelves sometime in January in our jet black, glass jars. 

Hummingbird Brand is passionate about producing craft cannabis. Why? Because we care about the health and well-being of our customers, our employees, and our community. Ultimately, we want to share the experience that drives us to deliver the highest quality product, batch after batch. 

We take pride in blending art and science to grow cannabis with exceptional aroma, flavor, and effect. These are the qualities that inspire our breeding efforts. Searching for the perfect combination of traits creates the absolute best genetics. Meticulous cannabis care is about expressing the plant’s genetic potential. 

At our core, we are craft cannabis growers and we don’t sell anything we wouldn’t smoke ourselves. 

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