IndigoPro CO2 Hash Oil Cartridges


Advanced Vapor Technology

Molding to suit consumer vaping preferences, IndigoPro’s Advanced Vapor System, one of the fastest growing line of marijuana vaporizers in Colorado, now offers two distinct categories of cannabis oil vaporizer cartridges:

  • RAW CO2-Extracted Craft Cannabis Oil Vape Cartridges
  • ARTISAN-FLAVORED Pure Cannabis Distillate Oil Vape Cartridges

RAW CO2-Extracted Craft Cannabis Oils Vape Cartridges

These are the original unflavored, raw, pure cannabis nectar vape cartridges, created using the finest, high-potency cannabis. These raw CO2 oils are extracted by The Farm in Boulder, Colorado and available in:

  • Raw Sativa oil
  • Raw Indica oil
  • Raw Hybrid oil
  • High-CBD Harmonia single-strain oil from The Farm’s craft cannabis flower

ARTISAN-FLAVORED Pure Distillate Cannabis Oil Vape Cartridges

By popular demand, Indigo Pro is transitioning the naturally-flavored oils to high-potency, pure distillate oils. Adopted from time-tested botanical oil extraction methods used by other industries, such as cooking oils, distillate oils are the closest thing to an essential oil of cannabis, which provides optimum purity.

This purity allows for crafting a unique aroma, flavor and experience profile into each cartridge. The process is enhanced by the use of naturally-derived non-cannabis terpenes, blended to mimic the molecular structure of specific strains combined with discreet natural flavors. These distillate oils are available in:

  • Blood Orange-flavored Sumatran Sunrise SATIVA, with Jack Herer terpenes
  • Apple Berry-flavored Oz's Orchard SATIVA, with Jack Herer terpenes
  • Cool Mint-flavored Mountain Mist HYBRID, with GSC terpenes
  • Sugar Plum-flavored, Night Rider INDICA, with BBK terpenes
  • Black and Blueberry-flavored Midnight Moon INDICA, with BBK terpenes


IndigoPro Vape Pen | Features & Benefits


  • Best vapor delivery, delivers 3X the vapor
  • Easy, smooth draw
  • Draw indicator discreetly vibrates when activated
  • Long lasting battery
  • Long-lasting battery, vapes while charging
  • Durable exterior casing, virtually unbreakable under normal use
  • Includes compact carrying/storage case


  • Revolutionary ceramic technology
  • Magnetic, leak-resistant ceramic cartridges, pop on & off for ease of use
  • Clean vapor with no burnt taste
  • Choose from a variety of flavored artisanal oils
  • Affordably priced!