Cannabis extraction is a method to derive THC, cannabinoid and terpene concentrates from raw plant matter to produce a hash or oil, which delivers marijuana consumers a stronger dosage than smoking the traditional bud.

The most common methods of extraction use ice water, butane (a petroleum-bsed product) or CO2 (a naturally occurring gas).

We believe CO2 extraction methods, as used by the Hummingbird Brand Hash Oil, is the cleanest and purest form of marijuana extraction. The resulting purity of the product and the delicious taste, makes CO2 hash oil the preferred choice for medical and recreational marijuana growers and users.

To make hash oil using CO2, the naturally occurring gas is cooled into a liquid and pushed through an tube extracting the psychoactive and medicinal elements from the marijuana plant. The resulting product is then cooled, allowing the CO2 to evaporate away. The finished CO2 hash oil appears as a honey- or molasses-like substance ready to be loaded into a rig, inserted into a vaporizer pen, or spread onto a joint to get that extra lift for the experienced marijuana consumer.

Hummingbird Brand Hash Oil is 100% pure and uncut raw hash oil. There are no residual solvents nor additives left over in our signature batches.