Hummingbird Brand is a pioneer in the cannabis concentrate industry, beginning humbly in 2010 by purchasing the very first CO2 extraction machine in Colorado. With the many ways to extract cannabis, CO2 extraction was the clear choice as the cleanest form of concentrated cannabis oil available.

To extract the oil from the flower, carbon dioxide is pushed through the plant mater at a high pressure, isolating the terpenes and cannabinoids found in the plant (THC, CBD, CBN, CBG, and more.) The result is beautifully pure, transparent, amber ambrosia that can be smoked or vaporized. Hummingbird Oil is an excellent “bowl topper”.

Our CO2 Oil is available in Colorado in limited stores for individual purchase and comes in
1 gram syringes (Medical) or 1 gram containers (Adult-use). Up to ~90% THC for select strains.

Louis XIII CO2 Oil 9-23-15 High Res.jpg

We also wholesale our premium cannabis CO2 distillate oil by the jar. All Hummingbird CO2 Oil is crafted from premium craft cannabis grown in small batches by genetics artisans with decades of combined experience. We use no harsh, artificial pesticides in our grow methods and fully flush all plants with pure, clean water before harvesting. "This succulent nectar, reminiscent of maple syrup, utilizes no harsh solvents or chemical additives in its production."

No Harsh solvents. no chemical additives. 100% pure. guaranteed.

Hummingbird Brand Cannabis Premium CO2 Distillate Oil is available for bulk purchase only in Colorado.