The Story of Our Seeds

Sprouts are proof that life is a miracle. From humble beginnings in Boulder, CO, Hummingbird Brand has always grown proprietary cannabis strains with love and care. By experimenting with countless new phenotypes annually, our cultivation artisans have crafted extraordinary strains based upon their cannabinoid and terpene profiles, grow logistics, aroma/flavor notes, and more to ensure only the finest seeds. All our seeds are grown in small batches using artisan methods without harsh pesticides or chemical additives.


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Hummingbird Brand Cannabis Seeds are sold wholesale to Colorado licensed dispensaries on Leaflink.

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Seed Strains:

Amethyst - BlackBerry Kush x Sour Bubble - Indica Hybrid

FLOWER TIME- 7-8 weeks

PLANT SIZE- Medium; squat and bushy

BUD STRUCTURE- Large, towering colas with medium density

AROMA/FLAVOR- Sweet berry fruit and bubblegum notes

TYPICAL EFFECTS- Mild indica effects; felt more in the body than the head

GROW TIPS- A quick, low-difficulty indoor grow

Avg. Potency- 14-16% THC

Cherry Elixir - The Remedy x Sour Bubble - CBD Hybrid

FLOWER TIME- 7-8 weeks

PLANT SIZE- Medium-height, stretchy “OG” structure; strong and robust plants

BUD STRUCTURE- Rock-solid colas; lower yield due to smaller plant size

AROMA/FLAVOR- Sweet and sugary with hints of tangy red berries

TYPICAL EFFECTS- High CBD; calming for both body and mind

GROW TIPS- For best results, grow this strain indoors

Avg. Potency- 6-12% THC | 6-12% CBD

Golden Strawberry - Golden Goat x Sour Strawberry - Sativa Hybrid

FLOWER TIME- 8-9 weeks

PLANT SIZE- Medium height, bushy growth

BUD STRUCTURE- Lots of very dense floral clusters; medium yield and high potency

AROMA/FLAVOR- Classic Golden Goat notes backed with a hint of sugary sweetness

TYPICAL EFFECTS- A great daytime sativa; powerful and lively, but not overbearing

GROW TIPS- Great in a smaller indoor grow set-up

Avg. Potency- 20-23% THC

Mountain Thunder - MadCow BX x Sour Bubble - Sativa Hybrid

FLOWER TIME- 8-9 weeks

PLANT SIZE- Medium height, hybrid structure

BUD STRUCTURE- Robust growth with giant colas; high yield and potency

AROMA/FLAVOR- Citrus notes reminiscent of Durban Poison

TYPICAL EFFECTS- CBG in every phenotype tested; uplifting and productive daytime strain

GROW TIPS- Great for either inside or outdoors alike

Avg. Potency- 21% THC | .8-4.3% CBG

Sour Berry Blue - Alpha Blue x Sour Strawberry - Sativa Hybrid

FLOWER TIME- 9 weeks

PLANT SIZE- Medium-height; stout structure

BUD STRUCTURE- Solid and heavy colas of average size

AROMA/FLAVOR- Unbelievably delicious notes of sweet berries and sugar

TYPICAL EFFECTS- Very uplifting and euphoric high; the same feeling as eating your favorite candy

GROW TIPS- A vigorous beginner strain for both indoor and outdoor grows

Avg. Potency- 20-25% THC

Space Berry - Starfighter F2 x Sour Strawberry - Indica Hybrid

FLOWER TIME- 8-9 weeks

PLANT SIZE- Medium to small, compact growth

BUD STRUCTURE- Very tightly packed and robust kolas

AROMA/FLAVOR- Tart Strawberry jelly mixed with rocket fuel and skunk undertones; sweet on the exhale

TYPICAL EFFECTS- Immediate onset; well-balanced between body and mind effects

GROW TIPS- Excellent for a connoisseur’s indoor grow

Avg. Potency- 22-28% THC

Strawberry Blonde - Super Lemon Haze x Sour Strawberry - Sativa Hybrid

FLOWER TIME- 9 weeks

PLANT SIZE- Medium to tall, long internode stretch

BUD STRUCTURE- Large, very dense lollipop kolas. Medium yielding/high potency

AROMA/FLAVOR- Strawberry lemonade, heavy sour lemon citrus backed up by tart sugary sweetness

TYPICAL EFFECTS- Euphoric and heavy head-high, yet still functional

GROW TIPS- May perform better in an indoor grow

Avg. Potency- 18-24% THC | .4% CBD | 1% CBG

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